“Welcome to the songs and music of Stuart Earl”

Musical style

I love many different types and styles of music -not all, some put my teeth on edge! I guess Blues, Rock and Country are the ones I have grown up with and are the genres I use. These seem to come under the catch-all title of ‘Americana’, which covers an awful lot of ground.
So, I do what I want regardless!

It’s all about the song!

I love guitars, music, playing, singing and the camerarderie of playing with other musicians ….but most of all ‘it is all about the song’. If you dont have a good, worthwhile song to sing, there is no point!
That’s why I love songwriting. It is the creative purpose behind what I do.

Recording etc.

I am old enough to remember vinyl albums, the smell, album covers and all of that. But as time and technology advances we now have streaming that has taken over and changed everything including how we listen, revenue streams and even the concept of the album! I still like a CD and will continue to buy them and to produce them! Please support music where you can and buy a CD.



Make God Laugh VOLUME 2 is available on CD now and will be released to streaming on 21 June 2024. Contact me for further details
‘Make God Laugh’ OUT NOW!
Yes, the new album 'Make God Laugh' is out now and is available from me at gigs or to order from this website. It is also available on most …
New album on the way!
The new album is complete and is on the way for a launch in early 2023. It will consist of 2 volumes. The second will follow soon after the …
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